Nixu Multi-Factor Authentication is the easiest way to reduce the risk of identity theft and data leakage

Majority of data today can be accessed virtually from anywhere today. Do you trust passwords to protect your data from phishing related data leaks and user identity thefts?

Service pricing
€ / User / Month
Nixu MFA
authentication method
Nixu MFA Premium
authentication methods

Note: minimum 500 users (user base can be lower than 500, but minimum monthly fee is 495€/month).

MFA mobile application can be downloaded free of charge from App Stores

Authentication modes available as of 12.3.2018

Product Integration Mobile Application YubiKey OTP SMS
VPN (Juniper, Cisco, F5, Checkpoint, Palo-Alto, Watch Guard) RADIUS
"Citrix Netscaler, Gateway, KEMP" RADIUS
Microsoft Windows Login, RDP, Terminal Services OpenOTP Credential Provider
Microsoft Windows offline login OpenOTP Credential Provider
Microsoft Reverse-Proxies RADIUS
Microsoft Web Applications (Exchange, Sharepoint) OpenOTP ADFS
Microsoft Office 365 I Azure AD OpenOTP ADFS
Any SAML supporting Cloud Service OpenOTP SAML /W ADFS
Developer Made Web Applications (C, C++, Java, .NET, NodeJS inc. Not excluding) OpenOTP APls

Joosua Santasalo

Introduction to the Nixu Multi-Factor Authentication Service

While a good authentication related jargon still gives me a pleasant feeling, I’ve come to appreciate tangible demystifying explanations in recent years. Unfortunately, it’s more than often you see quite simple concepts dressed up with complex or technically unrelated vocabulary.

For this reason we named our just released service simply Nixu Multi-Factor Authentication (Nixu MFA) – just what it is!
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Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Our passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely. As device connectivity is coming to our homes, cars, elevators, healthcare products and other sensitive parts of our lives, it is clear that ensuring customer security and privacy is a must. Nixu's security engineering and secure R&D teams are daily helping our clients to develop secure products.

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